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Eco Vidal Design, Inc. (EVD) is a Chicago-based company specializing in architectural interior design, urban planning, construction management, sustainability services, and community engagement. EVD is a certified MDE/DBE/WBE business dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable design solutions for clients in the Chicago area and beyond.

8. Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project

Edgewater Chicago, Il. 60660
Client: Edgewater Community Council
Co-Chair of Planning and Development: Carmen Vidal-Hallett | Eco Vidal Design, Inc.
Completion Date: 2010
Site area: 1.703 square m

Edgewater’s Environmental Sustainability Project is the winner of the 2010 Mayor Daley Green Works Award in the Community Leadership Category.

The plan  is an innovative and new comprehensive course of action for addressing critical environmental issues in the following areas: planning and development; transportation; energy efficiency; renewable energy; water and air resources; green schools; public education; parks; green spaces; recycling and cleaning.

While fostering job growth, Edgewater will be fulfilling the goals of the Chicago Climate Action Plan, as well as bringing economic and aesthetic benefits to the entire community. Increased energy efficiency, improved transit, reduced automobile use, greater walk-ability, more parks and green space, cleaner air, and greater access to the lakefront will result in this culturally diverse community protecting the well-being of the individual, creating jobs with economic growth, and ensuring the quality of the environment for generations to come.

Thom Greene
Edgewater Chicago Il.
+1(773) 271-1925
Project:  Edgewater Environmental
Sustainability Project