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Eco Vidal Design, Inc. (EVD) is a Chicago-based company specializing in architectural interior design, urban planning, construction management, sustainability services, and community engagement. EVD is a certified MDE/DBE/WBE business dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable design solutions for clients in the Chicago area and beyond.

Sustainability + Educational Projects

1. Sustainability in the Big City: What Chicago can learn from Curitiba

Photo by Mark Hallett

Location: Curitiba and Chicago
Client: Graham Foundation for Advance Studies in architecture
Planning and Development: Carmen Vidal-Hallett | Eco Vidal Design, Inc.
Completion Date:  2005 
Site area: N/A

Chicago architect Carmen Vidal-Hallett and her photojournalist husband Mark Hallett completed   a multimedia study comparing Chicago with  Curitiba in southern Brazil. Curitiba is a former backwater turned city of 1.5 million, which now rivals Chicago as a center of progressive urbanism. It was for this reason that the husband-and-wife team used their Graham Foundation grant to study the Brazilian city through Mark and Carmen’s photos and analysis. Results  were presented to all city government departments in Chicago and other cities such as Denver Colorado and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  The most successful project is the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which was adopted in  Chicago’s downtown area after Mayor Daley and Jaime Lerner discussed  its viability. 

Sam Assefa
Director, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, California
+1(312) 907-2701
Sustainability Project

2. Interamerican Magnet School Sustainable Life Campus

Location: Lakeview, Chicago, Il.
Client: Interamerican Magnet School
Sponsor: Various foundations
Planning and community engagement: Carmen Vidal-Hallett | Eco Vidal Design, Inc.
Completion Date: 2008 (Mayor’s
Landscaping Award)
Site area: 5 acres (entire site)

In 2008 , Carmen Vidal-Hallett approached Chicago’s Interamerican Magnet school to complete a sustainable life landscaping master plan integrated into the school curriculum focusing on the Americas culture. The project started in collaboration with the 5th grade students and teachers. For several months Carmen came to the classroom once a week and presented lessons in sustainable urban development associating their existing curriculum to the subject. 

Several foundations collaborated in the program and the final sustainable design of the gardens around the school including: Green Corps, Chicago Center for Green Technology, The Chicago Cubs, The Organic School Project, The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Midwest Permaculture, Whole Foods, The McCormick Foundation, the Lakeview Community, Chicago Public Art Group and Partners of the Americas.

3. Sustainable Development Apprentice Program with After School Matters

Location: Edgewater, Chicago, Il.
Client: CPS Senn High School
Sponsor: After School Matters
Instruction and engagement: Carmen Vidal-Hallett | Eco Vidal Design, Inc.
Completion Date: 2014
Site area: Senn HS School grounds and Broadway and Glenlake site.

Carmen Vidal-Hallett created a 6-week After School Matters Sustainable Development Apprentice Program for High School Students at Senn High School during the summer of 2014. Students learned about sustainable life practices to mitigate Climate Change and to learn about professions focusing on environmental areas including water and storm water management, energy and green building, recycling and waste management and sustainable urban design as well as environmental reporting. 

The course included collaborations with Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Loyola University, City of Chicago Center for Green Technologies and the Pulitzer Center around the world. The diverse community of students also learned how to design transit oriented urban spaces and rain gardens. As a group they built at the end of the program a rain garden. Several students pursued environmental majors at the university level and are now professionals.

4. Chicago Sullivan HS Sustainable Landscaping Master Plan | Rain Garden

Location: Rogers Park, Chicago, Il.
Client: Sullivan HS | Noe Torres
Sponsor: JLL |LERN
Planning and Community Engagement: Carmen Vidal-Hallett | Eco Vidal Design, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Jose Magan
Environmental professional: Amanda Bittencourt
Completion Date: 2021-2022
Site area: 5 acres (entire site)
Site area first phase: 470 sf

In 2021, during the pandemic, Carmen Vidal-Hallett approached Chicago’s Sullivan HS to complete a sustainable landscaping master plan with the diverse students of the school. The project involved student immigrants from all over the world with 90% students of color. The project consisted of teaching the students about environment, stormwater management solutions and planning, designing and planting perennial native species, including pollinator plants to restore the ecosystem. The students learned how to design a rain garden and as a group created the landscape plan above. Several students are now pursuing environmental majors at the university level.

5. St. Augustine College Workforce Development Green Construction practices and LEED training

Location: St Augustine College Chicago
Client: Minorities in Constructions
Sponsor: St Augustine College
Instructor: Carmen Vidal-Hallett | Eco Vidal Design, Inc., LEED AP
Completion Date: On going education

Since 2008  Carmen Vidal-Hallett has been an instructor for green construction practices and LEED to minority contractors and professional collogues in Construction management. Courses last for 8 weeks and prepare the students to pass the the  USGBC LEED Green Associate exam . Classes include green building analysis and group interactions to learn how to create a green building from the design inception to the final construction. 

6. Loyola University Design Charrette

Location: 6330 N. Sheridan Ave., Edgewater, Chicago, Il.
Client: Loyola University | Sustainability Department
Sponsor: Loyola University
Planning and community engagement: Carmen Vidal-Hallett | Eco Vidal Design, Inc.
Completion Date: 2015
Site area: Back yard of the Mahher Mansion

Water | Orchard | Meditation garden plan for the historic lakefront Loyola Mansion. The project was designed by undergraduate Loyola students with Carmen Vidal-Hallett’s guidance during a design charrette in 2015.