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Eco Vidal Design, Inc. (EVD) is a Chicago-based company specializing in architectural interior design, urban planning, construction management, sustainability services, and community engagement. EVD is a certified MDE/DBE/WBE business dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable design solutions for clients in the Chicago area and beyond.

3. Emerson/Foster

Location: Emerson/Foster, Evanston, Illinois
Client: ETV III
Site Plan: EVD
Site area: 117 acres

A West Evanston sustainable 131-unit residential-business planned development including 33% affordable housing. Carmen Vidal-Hallett, collaborated with Urban Works Architecture as a Project Manager coordinating the team, responsible for the urban planning and design, site plan design, putting together the zoning and urban planning analysis, representing the team in public presentations and negotiating with city officials. She also completed the pre-design for the interior courtyard town homes (one out of 4 types of buildings),and assisted Urban Works on the design of the other buildings. Green features include geothermal system, permaculture and native landscaping concepts, rain garden stormwater management, solar panels, green roofs and “the living wall.” Main exterior materials will include brick and Prodema wood paneling. This project was approved by the City of Evanston and ha been completed.