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Eco Vidal Design, Inc. (EVD) is a Chicago-based company specializing in architectural interior design, urban planning, construction management, sustainability services, and community engagement. EVD is a certified MDE/DBE/WBE business dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable design solutions for clients in the Chicago area and beyond.

6. Paranapiacaba Workshop

Location: Paranapiacaba, Santo Andre, SP, Brazil
Client: Prefeitura de Santo Andre
Planning Manager: Carmen Vidal-Hallett, EVD President
Completion Date: 2010
Site area: 83.22 square Km (district) 4.81 square Km (village)  
Sponsors: Illinois-Sao Paulo Partners of the Americas  (POA) POA Washington

Paranapiacaba (‘the place from where you can see the ocean’ in Tupi Guarani), a charming historic villa, is now a town paralyzed in time. The English built it in the 1860’s as a railroad stop to connect São Paulo’s inland coffee plantations to the international port of Santos. Paranapiacaba Workshop was an intense 4-day charette from March 26 to March 29th, 2010, with the local community, professionals from Sao Paulo and Illinois, academics and Municipal officials to develop a “Vision “ for the villa's restoration and recovery.

The results included two important parts:
  1. The “Big Idea” - To create “Paranapiacaba West”, a green, technology-oriented town, along the railroad with an economic development model. The core of the concept is to respond to urban growth demand with sustainable urban development reactivating the historic railroad and at the same time generating tax increment finance to restore the historic Paranapiacaba villa.

  2. Paranapiacaba Villa Urban Development. Recommendations for the historic restoration of the villa and it's economic development as a touristic, cultural and ecological site.